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Rochefort and its thermal baths

Rochefort, city of history

Between thermal baths and tourism


The city

Located in a loop on the right bank of the Charente, Rochefort, in addition to its maritime and military history, has become a tourist place turned towards the Charente’s history and coast. It is also an art city that hosts many exhibitions, museums and other gardens.Let yourself go as you wish and discover Rochefort and its history.


The Hermione

It is impossible to go to Rochefort without going to meet one of the most famous frigates in France. The Hermione has been completely restored thanks to the know-how of many craftsmen. This project lasted more than 20 years and required 400,000 pieces of wood and 2,200 m² of sails. His crew is waiting for you to share a piece of history.


The Royale Ropery

The Rochefort Dockyard is also the perfect place for a walk in the Jardin des Retours, along the Charente river. Enter the Corderie Royale, the first building in the Arsenal de Rochefort, for an amazing discovery of this old 374 m long rope factory! Do not miss the exceptional bookshop of the Corderie, specialized in the maritime field and travel; you will be pleasantly surprised by its large collection of books on the sea!

Rochefort thermal baths

Since the 1950s, Rochefort, France’s 6th largest spa town, has been home to nearly 20,000 visitors a year. Rich in calcium and trace elements, Rochefort mineral water is renowned for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Taking care of myself

The 3-week spa treatment is a healthy break in her daily life, it provides lasting relief throughout the year and helps preserve her health capital. Its effectiveness is proven by numerous clinical studies in particular in the management of several chronic pathologies. It relieves pain, increases functional abilities, improves quality of life and helps reduce the use of drugs and medical consultations.